Spring Show 2018

 Spring Show Cancelled due to the effects of the weather.

Spring Show Cancellation Explanation

You may be wondering why we felt it necessary to cancel the Spring Show which was due to take place on 10th March. We are sorry that a number of people have been upset by the decision so we felt it was necessary to give the reasons behind it.

The Spring Show is predominantly a flower show with over 60% of the exhibits being flowers and shrubs. Of the 52 types of exhibit Home Produce consists of 5 classes.

As you look around the village some gardens are showing signs of recovery however this is limited and confined to only a few varieties. Also talking to people around the village the frost and snow appears to have affected the south of the valley (north facing) more than the north of the valley (south facing).

There are 20 different classes of daffodils that could be entered into the show and typically what’s flowering at the moment are just a couple of those varieties, for example I’ve not seen a single multi-headed daffodil, commonly known as narcissus. The camellias were hit particularly badly by the heavy frost causing flowers to turn brown and drop off the plant, this is also true for other shrubs.

On Saturday evening the chairman, Eric Paver phoned to discuss the state of the various flowers and whether the Spring Shown was viable. Having contacted as many of the committee as possible most of us agreed that we should cancel the show. We were due to have a meeting on Tuesday 6th March to discuss the preparations for the show but felt if we left the decision until then people would have purchased flowers for the Floral Decorations and ingredients for Home Produce. We felt by making the decision as early as possible some people would not then incur unnecessary expense.

The main reasons for cancelling being :-

  • Lack of varieties of daffodil, with no entries in many classes.

  • Drastic reduction of camellias and flowing shrubs.

  • To avoid unnecessary expense to exhibitors by cancelling later.

We also felt we would not be able to charge people to view the show if the number of entries was significantly reduced.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to you entering the Autumn Show

Roland Smith

President of Otterton Garden Club


Otterton Village Hall - Saturday 10th March 2018

2:00pm - 4:30pm followed by prize giving

Refreshments from 2:30 pm

Admission - Adults 50p, Children Free

Exhibits to be staged by 10.30am, there is no charge to exhibit and the show is open to non-members

Entries to : Iain Ure, Hon. Show Secretary

Cross Trees, Bell Street, Otterton EX9 7HS

Phone: 01395 568822

E-mail Click Here

Download Entry Form PDF

Entries Close at the end of Thursday 8th March 2018