The Short Cup will be awarded to exhibitor gaining most points in show


Novice Entries                                                                       Judge Paul Champion & Judge Julia Harrison
Awards: Novice Cup (most points)

This section is to encourage people to enter the show with a selection of Flowers from their garden. Club members will help you with setting up.

The Novice Classes are for all those who have not won a class before.

1.  One vase of any 3 Daffodils.
2.   Any 3 stems other than Daffodils.
3.   A pot plant of any variety.

CUT BLOOMS                                                                                                    Judge Paul Champion

Awards: Dowell Cup (most points); Cut Blooms Cup (best exhibit)

The name daffodil is used for all narcissus types see Spring Notes  for daffodil classification guide

4   One stem any flower not listed in this schedule
 5   One bloom of daffodil any division
 6   One vase 5 daffodils, 5 varieties
 7   One vase 3 daffodils, trumpet (Div.1), 3 varieties
 8   One vase 3 daffodils, long cup (Div.2), 3 varieties
 9   One vase 3 daffodils, short cup (Div.3), 3 varieties
10  One vase 3 all yellow trumpet daffodils (Div.1), 1 variety
11  One vase 3 all white trumpet daffodils (Div.1), 1 variety
12  One vase 3 bi-coloured trumpet daffodils (Div.1), 1 variety
13  One vase 3 all white long cup daffodils (Div.2), 1 variety
14  One vase 3 all yellow long cup daffodils (Div.2), 1 variety
15  One vase 3 bi-coloured long cup daffodils (Div.2), 1 variety
16  One vase 3 all-white short cup daffodils (Div.3), 1 variety
17  One vase 3 all-yellow short cup daffodils (Div.3), 1 variety
18  One vase 3 bi-coloured short cup daffodils (Div.3), 1 variety
19  One vase 3 double bloom daffodils, any variety
20  One vase 3 multi-headed daffodils, any variety
21  One vase 5 miniature daffodils, any variety
22  One vase 3 daffodils, any other division not listed above
23  One vase 3 stems camellia, one or more varieties
24  One bloom camellia, any variety – additional buds to be removed
25  One vase 5 stems mixed foliage
26  One vase 3 stems mixed flowering shrubs
27  One stem hellebore
28  Bowl of 5 Floating hellebores, one or more varieties
29  One vase 5 grape hyacinths

POT PLANTS                                                                                                        Judge Paul Champion

                                                                                                                Award: Plant Cup (most points)

30  One plant polyanthus or primrose, any variety or cultivar (max 30cm pot)
31  One pot or bowl (max 30cm) flowering bulbs or corms, any variety
32  One pot or bowl (max 30cm) any flowering plant - NOT bulb or corm
33  One cactus, any size

34  One succulent, any size
35  Collection of cacti
36  Collection of succulents
37  Any pot plant, foliage only, not flowering 

FLORAL DECORATION                                                                                         Judges Julia Harrison
                                                                                                           Award: Payne Shield (most points)

38 ‘Spring Tonic’ an arrangement featuring a bottle. Max 45x45cm, ht.optional.
39 ‘Five Star’ an arrangement with 5 single headed flowers. Max 45x45cm, height optional
40 ‘Little Gem’ maximum 10cm x 10cm in any direction.

HOME-MADE PRODUCE                                                                                      Judge Celia Jenkins
                                                                                               Award: Nora Butler Salver (most points)

For cooked items please use your own plates and cover with clear film

41 Lemon Drizzle Cake
42 3 Individual Custard Tarts
43 3 Sausage Rolls
44 One jar of marmalade
45 3 Pieces of Rocky Road (Men Only)

CHILDREN'S CLASSES                                                          Judges Julia Harrison, Celia Jenkins

Awards: Up to 7 Years Cup (most points in classes 46 and 47)
Children’s Open Cup (most points in classes 49 and 50)
Cotton Cup (best exhibit in classes 48 and 51)

Age up to 7 years
46 Totem Pole made from a kitchen roll tube.
47 3 Decorated Cupcakes
48 Painting of Sir Walter Raleigh - maximum A4

Age 8 to 11 years
49 Totem Pole made from a kitchen roll tube.
50 3 Decorated Cupcakes
51 Painting of Sir Walter Raleigh - maximum A4

Photography                                                                                        Judge Gill Barlow

52 ‘Spring’ – one print maximum A4 including mount if used.


This award will be presented to the young person gaining most points overall in classes 1 to 37. To qualify, the ages of exhibitors under 18 years must be declared on the entry form.